The AI landscape in 2020


Development of the Internet Of Things (IOT), advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generation (NLG), spread of automation strategies (Robotic Process Automation, RPA), … At the start of this new year, many Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts have been asked what the most significant trends in AI will be in 2020.

 Is AI becoming mainstream ?

Without a doubt, the power and capabilities of AI tools will continue to grow significantly in the short term. However, the most noteworthy shift in AI might not come from the release of better tools, but from a better business integration of what is currently existing. One of the most significant trends in AI for the next year, and certainly for the next decade, will be a wider adoption of AI in the decision-making processes of companies. Indeed, we are currently located at a critical junction in terms of adoption of AI technologies, due to the existence of several factors:




Key success factors for implementing AI in a business context

A more generalized adoption of AI tools in companies can only occur over the long term if the first wave of new projects generates of a sufficient return on investment. We are convinced that several elements are crucial for an AI project to generate added value:




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