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Who Are We?

WeQan is a Qlik solution provider and OEM partner in Belux, which offers a wide range of Qlik consulting services and solutions.

We build professional Dashboard, Analysis and Reporting applications, delivering fast insights from your heterogeneous and complex data sources (internal and / or external), which can be used by anyone within your organization, whatever their IT skills level.

We provide the following Qlik Sense and QlikView business related services:

  • Business consulting services
  • Project Governance
  • Installation of Qlik Sense, QlikView software
  • Upgrading of Qlik Sense, QlikView software
  • Qlik Sense, QlikView application configuration
  • Qlik Sense, QlikView training
  • Qlik Sense Solution Architecture

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We are offering consulting expertise to quickly help your organisation to transform your complex and big data sets into valuable and actionable insights, which enable you to become more agile, more effective and more competitive.


Your data is stored in many different places and you haven't found a way yet to combine information and visualize it? Our Qlik Solutions let you merge different data sets on-the-fly without the need of setting up a data warehouse. Connect all your data sources and see beyond the numbers, discover new relationships and detect trends to take the guesswork out of your business decisions.

Customised solutions

Our Quick starter packs enables you to significantly reduce the implementation time and effort and quickly delivers analysis and visualization of your company data, using the Qlik intuitive and easy to use interface, for all business users, regardless of their level of experience.
Our Quick starter packs covers a number of sectors (among which as Retail Sales, Manufacturing Industries, Professional Services ...) and functions, such a sales and marketing, finance and accounting, or Human Resources.

OEM solutions

If you're a Software Vendor or an Information Provider, your customers demand self-service and meaningful access to the information stored in your products. Your competition forces you to meet these demands.
At WeQan, we help you to fully integrate analytics in your core application, and so deliver innovation to your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and improving their decision making process. We fully whitelabel the Qlik interface according to your branding and Corporate Identity, from logo, URL and email addresses to button colors and fonts. This will drive you upsell opportunities and finally differentiate your software or your information services.

Our Vision And Mission

We help our customers to achieve better business performance, enabling all its employees to use the right data at the right time.


We will assist you to discover, analyse, define, and document your requirements that are related to your specific business objectives.
As deliverable of this business analysis phase, we will precise and define the scope of your project, as well as the timescales, the resources needed to complete it and the associated critical key success factors.


Too many times, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing project managers are ill-equipped to handle their role in guiding a project to success. Often, the person slated to lead a project is either:
1) a technician who doesn't know the first thing about managing a project, or
2) a project manager who doesn't know the first thing about BI.
At WeQan, our consultants have a solid business background, with a particular IT acumen and proven agile project management skills.


Access to all Qlik Sense capabilities on any device, with the best possible user experience, through intelligent responsive design and a modern touch interface. People can explore, analyze, create, and collaborate on any device, anywhere, anytime there is a question, allowing them to instantly solve problems on the go. Responsive design adapts visualizations, data, and functionality to create the best experience for screen size and input method, offering all capabilities on mobile devices and a create once deploy anywhere model.


People can use analytics to tell data stories, rich with narrative and graphics, that provide direct in-context access to live analysis to answer follow-up questions. Users can present and distribute insights and different points of view, and immediately answer questions with live analysis as they arise in discussion, reducing delays in decision making. Data Stories are rich with analytics and visual commentary, allow for direct, in-context linking to live analytics for immediate answers to follow-up questions, and can be exported to. PDF and PowerPoint for sharing outside of Qlik Sense


With Qlik analytics plateform you can bring to each process or department the dashboard they are looking for to take more informed decisions.
You can leverage all your data from your multiple systems monitor risks, control the cost or improve forecasting, deliveries and revenue all on the same plateform with no third-party software or contractor.
Qlik Sense is a new generation of visual analytics platform that empowers everyone to see the whole story that lives within their data.
It delivers deliver broad value to everyone in an organization, whether working individually, in teams, or globally.
Qlik Sense supports a full spectrum of BI use cases including self-service visualization for everyone, centrally deployed guided analytics apps and dashboards, and custom and embedded analytics, all within a governed framework that offers enterprise scalability and trust for IT. It offers unmatched visualization and discovery for individuals, collaboration & mobility for groups and teams, and data integration, management and governance capabilities for large organizations.


Visualisations have never been that easy! Bring to each user the ability to create new visuals that empoyer them and let them share their work with others and collaborate.

If The statistics are boring then you've got the wrong numbers.

- Edward R. Tufte -

Meet Us

Our core team brings you its experience

    Jean-Marc Toussaint

    / General Manager

    Jean-Marc is the founder of Weqan. He has mix financial and IT background, having successively differents positions such as Controller, CFO and CIO of large international companies. He is passionate about Business Intelligence and Analytics. He is personally involved in our Qlik projects and sales activities.

    Laetitia Larchanche

    / Account Manager

    Laetitia is your first point of contact @ Weqan. She has been working with Qlik for 5 years. She is our sales and marketing manager.

    Jonathan Poyer

    / Projects & Support Manager

    Jonathan is one of our senior Qlik Expert, he has a background in finance, he is responsible for pre-sales, projects and our support platform.


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Our Services

Consulting Expertise

From your data get light on your business instantly

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Professional Services

Integration - OEM

Give insights to your customers

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Fast Go-To-Market
  • Drives adoption of your core product
  • Add Value

Support & Training

Externalizing to independent

  • Support Services
  • Training Services
  • Qlikview & Qlik Sense Developer
  • Qlikview & Qlik Sense Designer
  • Qlikview & Qlik Sense Server Administration
  • NPrinting

QLIK Products

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Use drag-and-drop creation to produce smart, interactive data visualizations. Share to any device. Now there are no limits.

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Import your own data and experience the power of QlikView. A free data discovery tool for use on a personal computer.

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Build any BI app for exploration and discovery that you can envision. Includes Qlik’s powerful analytics engine, a rich library of embeddable, interactive visualizations, open APIs and tools.

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Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting Advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling solution for Qlik Sense and QlikView.

QlikView / QlikSense Courses

Beginner's Course

A beginner's course which allows users to discover the basics of QlikSense or QlikView features. At the end of the course users will be able to create their first application themselves.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 1 Day

Designer Course

This course covers the basics/story of data analytics. At the end of the course, users will be able to create a data model using wizards and create visualisations on the go.

  • Level: Basics of Design
  • Duration: 2 Day


A developer course which covers advanced features of QlikView or QlikSense. At the end of this course, users will be able to create a complex data model using the script editor, create advanced vizualisation expressions.

  • Level: Basics of algorithmic
  • Duration: 2 Day

Qlik Administrator

At the end of this course, users will be able to manage and administer a Qlikview or QlikSense site. It covers in depth every aspect of maintaining a Qlik environment from server installation to user and application management

  • Level: Server architecture
  • Duration: 1 Day


We do things differently with a focus on providing key digital services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and mobile.

Success Stories

Secteur - Services automobiles

RCI, Captive financière, filiale de Renault, qui intervient pour toutes les marques de l'alliance Renault-Nissan et sur l'ensemble de ses activités : leasing, contrats d'entretien, assurance auto... Site Web

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Secteur - Pharmacie

Chiesi est un laboratoire familial italien qui s'appuie sur 2 portefeuilles principaux de produits : néonatologie & asthme et BPCO. L'activité se développe également sur les maladies rares avec des produits très novateurs. Site Web

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Secteur - Conseil

Emakina Group est un des 3 principaux groupes européens indépendants d'agences digitales full services. Quatre activités principales : communication, web building, applications et commerce.Site Web

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Secteur - Agro-alimentaire

Créé en 1974 par la fusion des producteurs familiaux Pernod et Ricard, le groupe est désormais un acteur incontournable du marché international des vins et spiritueux. Site Web

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Secteur - Média

La RTBF est un média belge créé en 1977 qui compte 3 chaînes de télévision, 5 chaînes de radio, 1 site web, 150 pages Facebook et 60 comptes Twitter. Son audience : 4,5 millions de Belges francophones. Site Web

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