Enhance your decision making to optimize your financial results.

Consolidate and analyze your financial data

For businesses to thrive, financial departments need to provide accurate, actionable information in real time. Qlik smoothly summarizes accounting and financial data. Qlik enables you, through its analytical capabilities, to monitor your data and to reduce your costs and risks. It also allows you to improve profitability and transparency, make more informed decisions based on relevant operational data, and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Over the last years, WeQan has supported many customers in the implementation of a robust financial reporting and of analytical tools that allow them to efficiently manage their operations and processes. Our expertise has for example provided significant results in:

  • Financial planning : Elaboration of of accurate financial statements that enhance resource allocation and decision making.
  • Cash-flow optimization : Rationalization of incoming and outgoing cash-flows and robust cash management.
  • Cost management : Analysis of cost centers and accurate determination of operational costs.
  • Risk & Compliance : Implementation of transparent reporting to align processes with governance principles and regulatory frameworks.
  • Profitability analysis : Better detection of profitable opportunities through an accurate evaluation of profit margins, revenues and activity performance.


Leverage your financial data in an intelligent way

Go beyond a descriptive approach by equipping your company with advanced analytical tools. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence can provide you with predictive and prescriptive financial analyses:

  • Credit scoring : Assess the quality and the credit risk of your new customers instantaneously.
  • Default risk monitoring : Get a real-time picture of the default risk on your unpaid customer invoices .
  • Predict financial variables :Predict your turnover or any relevant variables for you in order to optimize your financial projections and your decision making.


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