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A first-generation data discovery product, QlikView </ span> is designed to allow you to quickly create and deploy Guided analysis applications and interactive dashboards using a flexible development environment, also providing the ability for users to quickly create and deploy analytics applications without requiring development skills.

By committing to continuing to maintain and optimize QlikView®, Qlik allows you to continue using Qlikview and protect your investments.

While QlikView® and Qlik Sense® share the same associative engine and core capabilities, there are differences that reflect both technological advances and evolving customer needs on the market.

So if you want to continue to take advantage of these latest developments or if you want to extend your analysis capabilities, Qlik recommends that you prepare for the future and consider upgrading your analytics platform.

Contact us without delay to discuss together possible options, ranging from a QlikView® migration to Qlik Sense® as part of the license remixing policy, to the use of the 2-in-1 licensing offer ( Qlikview and Qlik Sense) allowing you to Qlik Sense® provider to all of your QlikView® users.

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