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From managing your data to creating custom applications, Qlik Sense brings you all the solutions you need.

Thanks to its associative engine, Qlik Sense® allows you to discover information that traditional query-based BI tools neglect. So you can not only search and explore freely among all your data, by instantly directing your analysis as you discover or question, but you can also take advantage of a new kind of artificial intelligence that will offer you new insights that get more relevant as you use them.

You are not limited to a linear drill within partial views of the data.

Plus, you get total flexibility with a cloud-based data analytics platform that accepts all BI use cases.
When you gather all your colleagues and all your data, to explore ideas and make decisions, the possibilities are almost endless. But agility without control can cause chaos. Our enterprise-class cloud platform delivers security, scalability, and performance even to the most demanding industries, all within a trusted framework.

Qlik Sense® is ideal for all analysts, teams, and businesses of any size.


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