Qlik Insight Bot

Analyse conversationnelle avec vos analytiques basée sur l'Intelligence Artificielle et les techniques de Natural Language Processing

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Working with analytics has always been synonymous with visual interaction.

With Qlik Insight Bot, you can simply interact with voice, chat, ask questions and request analysis, directly through Qlik Sense or through popular messaging and collaboration tools such as Skype, Slack, Siri, Teams, …

Each question then immediately generates relevant tables and analyzes, comparisons, predictions, key factors, and so on. And ‘self-taught artificial intelligence makes the system gradually smarter.

By enabling everyone to use their innate communication skills to get the information they need, your analytics become more accessible than ever and anyone in your organization can rely on the power of data. to make decisions.

By switching from conversational analytics to visual analytics, you get the best of both worlds and get more out of your investments in your analytics platform and data.

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