Software Publishers – OEM

Software Publishers – OEM, Embedded Analytics

In today’s business world, businesses and users want to drill down into their data and gain access to data analytics solutions built into their business applications.

Also, for a software company, the decision-making component becomes essential today in its application offer, whatever the sector to which it is addressed.

By becoming an OEM partner, software publishers have the opportunity to enrich their solution and give them a vital competitive advantage by directly integrating the Qlik solution, and benefit from more visual dashboards, analysis, and reports. or by using Qlik in the form of a complementary BI module to their offer, marketed or not with the mention “A Qlik technology”, in addition to their solution.

For the users of these solutions, Qlik has the advantage of its ease of use and its visual analysis capabilities, to deeply explore data and support decision making.

These software companies can then adopt different distribution and marketing models for this new BI component of their offering, such as on-site installations, SaaS deployments and mobile deployments. All OEM partners benefit from immediate value-added as well as profitability and results after a few weeks.

WeQan supports software publishers and OEM partners in designing their complementary Qlik solutions, training their staff, and providing sales and marketing support