Boost your sales by optimally exploiting your marketing data

Your sales team needs cutting-edge analytics solutions to boost productivity and grow revenue. WeQan is the Belgian partner that obtained the Qlik editor’s recognition in 2019 in the Sales specialization.


Qlik sales 2019


Increase the visibility of your commercial pipeline and exceed your sales objectives!

Combining your business, marketing and financial data sources, discover how Qlik enables every member of your sales team to make more reliable sales forecasts and explore the data they need to grow your business. With Qlik, your team will be able to more effectively manage the pipeline, perform powerful performance analysis, identify opportunities for cross-selling and additional sales. Qlik also helps to improve your customer’s knowledge, better target them, better understand them and better interact with them.


Go a step further by benefiting from our dual skills Business Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence!



WeQan was a finalist of the Vivium Digital Awards thanks to its cross-selling solution for insurance brokers !

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